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Your House is a System

  Did you know that your house is actually an interconnected system of components, each working together to affect heating and cooling, moisture, drafts, indoor air quality, humidity, and ultimately energy efficiency? The building envelope (shell), heating and air conditioning equipment (HVAC), and even you, the occupants, all work together to either create an environment of perfect (or near perfect) equilibrium or a home whose components are always in constant competition. If one system does not function properly or efficiently, it can affect the entire system.

 The key, in this instance, is to get to the heart of the problem. Simply treating the symptoms without knowing the real culprit behind it can actually make the problem worse or create new problems. Properly diagnosing and fixing the root cause is tricky and requires a house-as-a-system approach based on building science.

 This is where BPR certified professionals and accredited contracting companies come in. They are trained to conduct comprehensive whole-house assessments to find the cause of the problem(s). They will then offer suggestions on how to improve upon your home’s performance to restore that ever-important balance and energy efficiency.

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