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Wireless Thermostats & Mobile Apps: Better Manage & Control your Energy Use

No one likes coming home to a cold house. Of course, no one likes wasting energy either. Because of this, programmable thermostats have long been the industry standard for home energy management. The problem is that these systems require a lot of planning. And the moment you deviate from your regular schedule, you waste energy. So while programmable thermostats are helpful, they do not provide the best solution to your energy management needs.

The Solution: Home energy management apps for your smartphone that allow you to remotely tap into your wireless thermostat! These mobile apps allow homeowners, like you, to better track and manage their energy output. Best of all, these systems pay for themselves in a year’s time!

The Benefits of Wireless Thermostats and Mobile Energy Management Apps

1. Save Money: Most importantly, wireless thermostats give you the opportunity to curve your energy usage and save money on your monthly heating and cooling bills.

2. Mobile Control: Now you can look in on and control your home’s thermostat and energy usage from wherever you are.

3. Up-to-the-minute Monitoring: These mobile apps give you up-to-the-minute updates, allowing you to more efficiently track your energy usage patterns.

4. Automatic Updates: Some systems tap into local weather forecasts and automatically update your preset conditions to further save you money.

5. Social Media: Certain systems are capable of plugging into your Facebook, allowing you to track and share your energy savings with your friends and family.

6. And more!

The benefits of increasing user control and knowledge of energy use are numerous and constantly growing!

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Source: The Wireless HVAC: Going Mobile Can Increase Efficiency


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