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Why does my Central Air Not Cool Anymore?

Your air conditioner will run up to its full potential for years with very little annual maintenance. Unfortunately, most homeowners fail to even do the bare minimum and, as a result, their central air conditioners suffer. And when your air conditioner suffers, you suffer.

This article from eHow.com explains some of the problems that may be affecting your air conditioner and how you can address them.

Before you call a professional repair service, give your unit a once over yourself. Some of the most likely issues affecting your central air conditioner include:

1.   Problems at the Thermostat: Double check your thermostat before getting more involved. Ensure that the thermostat is set to cool and that the temperature is lower than the current room temperature.

2.   Electrical Problems: Ensure that your air conditioner is getting electricity. Start with your circuit or fuse box and then check the unit itself. Air conditioners, for example, can shut themselves off if they detect condensation overflow that has a chance of reaching electrical components in order to prevent worse damage.

3.   Filter Problems: Check the air filter: if it is covered with dirt or other debris, clean it. At the same time, check the outdoor compressor for damage or blockage. If air can’t move easily into and through the system, all of its operation will be impaired.

4.   Overheating: Your outdoor compressor may be overheating. Generally, this is a sign that professional A/C work is needed.

5. Freon: The main reason many air conditioners don’t blow cold air is that they are low on freon. This only happens if there is a leak in the coolant system. With low freon in the unit, the air conditioner freezes up. This blockage keeps pretty much all air from moving through the duct to the vents.

6. Blocked Air Flow: In some circumstances the lack of airflow itself can cause the deep freeze and cool air issues. Air conditioners are set up to work with all the vents that are installed. When airflow is hindered due to closed vents or blocked air intake filters, the unit cannot move the cold air through the system fast enough. The cold air trapped in the unit freezes the unit. The part of the unit that is outside the home can get blocked by vegetation or dust and debris, which can also lower airflow.

7.   Blower and Ducts: The blower motor can sometimes burn out, creating a lack of airflow. If this happens, you will need to have it replaced. The blower is essential for moving the cool air through the ducts. The ducts can develop leaks that send cool air into the attic or crawl space instead of the vents. This might not completely eliminate all cool air, but will greatly reduce it. It may also eventually cause the unit to freeze from poor airflow.

If none of these issues seem to be plaguing your central air conditioner, but your unit is still not functioning properly, it may be time to consult a professional. If you have any questions, contact Fresh Air Concepts by calling 1-800-708-4FAC or click here today!

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