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What is the Building performance Institute? :: Fresh Air Concepts

When it comes to sustainable buildings, USBG and LEED rating systems are not the only important accreditation outlets. The Building Performance Institute (BPI) focuses on another important aspect of greener living – the energy use of existing American homes.  BPI helps to identify issues – air infiltration, poor insulation, air gaps, etc. – that make homes less energy efficient.

Every home is made up of a series of interconnected systems. By changing just one element, such as replacing the HVAC system, you affect every subsequent system. As homeowners attempt to fix these problems themselves, they may compromise their home’s entire energy performance without realizing it.

BPI set a series of standards for professionals to be able to identify these problems, perform comprehensive standardized energy evaluations, and perform retrofits to remedy those problems. These standards require technicians to be certified to perform hands-on evaluations of homes, involving the examination of all openings in the building’s envelope, sealing gaps created by structural shrinkage or homeowner renovations, checking that insulation is properly installed, and making sure that proper heating and cooling systems are being used. With a strong emphasis on documentation, BPI standards also help verify that existing ASHRAE and EPA standards are being met.

BPI standards additionally cover Carbon Monoxide, asbestos, mold, and electrical wiring issues, and require OSHA guidelines to be followed.

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