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Professional Energy Audits

Homes are not designed to be airtight. They need to breathe. However, some homes allow too much air in from the outdoors or lose air too quickly from inside. The result is drafty rooms, high utility bills, dirty or leaky ducts, and a large carbon footprint. But there is nothing you can do about that, right?
A professional home energy audit can help diagnose your energy issues and help you form a plan to fix any problem areas, saving you 5% to 30% annually on your energy bills. To put that into an actual dollar amount, if you follow the recommendations of the auditor, you are looking at a savings of about $660 on average (based on an energy bill of $2,200 annually).
While you can perform a do-it-yourself energy audit by holding a lit candle to windows, doors, and electrical outlets to see if a draft blows the flame, the results will be little more than an educated guess. Is the flame blowing around your window because you need new windows or because you need to insulate your existing window frames? This is why it is normally best to trust a professional energy auditor.
Pro audits give you access to high-tech tools that can pinpoint the exact cause and location of your problems – duct leaks, gas leaks, draft direction, etc. There are two types of professional energy audits. You can opt for either a visual inspection or a diagnostic inspection. The latter includes visual work, but also employs several devices to pinpoint air leaks.
•          Blower door tests use high-powered fans to depressurize a home so that a technician can measure draft levels.
•          Thermal or infrared scanning measures surface temperature variations along walls to spot exact locations of air leaks or insulation lapses.
•          Smoke puffers release a form of “dust” during a blower door test to reveal the direction drafts are blowing.
•          Duct blasters inject and measure air pressure, air flow, and leakage in ducts.
•          Gas leak detection devices help assess indoor air quality.
A technician should be able to tell you how much total air leakage exists in your home, where it comes from, and how best to address it.

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