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HVAC Maintenance Steps Everyone Should Be Doing

We tend to forget about our HVAC systems. But unless you want a steep energy or repair bill this year (as if they weren’t high enough in Baltimore already!), your air conditioning unit is the last thing you should forget about! Luckily, maintaining a healthy HVAC system is as easy as a few preventative maintenance steps. Regular maintenance helps keep your system in tip-top shape and your energy bill low, so you don’t have to worry about the headache of repairs.


Start HVAC maintenance now for a problem-free system this spring.

It never hurts to ask a professional when it comes to maintenance, too. See if your Baltimore HVAC contractor has suggestions or options for maintenance.

The following steps are simple HVC maintenance essentials that you don’t want to skip, particularly if you don’t want an unwelcome surprise with your energy bill come spring!

Unit Inspection

The first thing to do, especially if you haven’t done any HVAC maintenance in a while, is inspect your unit. Make sure it’s on, and then listen for any loud or unusual noises. If it passes the sound test, go ahead and make sure the air filter is clean, and replace it if needed. Next, make sure the outdoor unit is not obstructed with leaves, sticks, pollen, etc. A good rule of thumb is to make sure everything’s clear within a few feet of the unit.

Seasonal Tasks

HVAC units aren’t under as much stress in Baltimore as warmer parts of the country, so season maintenance is acceptable. However, if you can get around to checking on these things monthly, that’s even better. Perform the following routine thoroughly:

  • Replace the air filter (at least every 90 days)
  • Look at the refrigerant lines for leaks or damage
  • If you have a furnace humidifier, you should turn off the water to it during the summer
  • If you turned the water off to the humidifier in the summer, make sure you turn it back on in the fall.

These simple, seasonal tasks are key to maintaining your HVAC unit.

Yearly Maintenance

You want to check on your outdoor HVAC unit on a yearly basis to make sure the ground it’s on, and the ground around it, is stable and solid. Also, the AC condensation drain may need to be cleared with a mixture of bleach and water.

Maintenance Plans

Experienced contractors, such as Fresh Air Concepts, can offer affordable HVAC maintenance plans and contracts. This ensures the longevity of your HVAC system by regular, knowledgeable maintenance and inspection. Plus, it saves you the time of having to do the work!

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