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Geothermal Technologies

Geothermal Energy. What is it and why should I care about it? Well, geothermal energy could very well be the future of energy, finally breaking our dependence on fossil fuels. This article from directory M explains this exciting, alternative energy source.

The Earth’s core generates temperatures 60 times greater than that of boiling water. The idea behind geothermal energy is to tap into that natural power. The tremendous heat at the Earth’s core generates pressure that presents itself just a few miles below the surface, close enough for us to harness.

By creating vents for natural steam and containment chambers for magma, we can covert these natural forms of energy into electricity to power our homes.

Geothermal power plants would be erected in areas where magma and steam are in great abundance. A well would be dug and piping would be fitted down into the source, forcing fluids to the surface to generate the necessary steam. This steam would power a turbine, which would generate the electricity.

However, not everyone is on board with geothermal energy. Critics claim that finding a resourceful area is too costly and takes up too much time. That, coupled with the high cost of building a power plant is reason enough for many to doubt the potential of geothermal energy. And there is no guarantee that once a plant is built, that it will ever turn a profit.

There are several reasons why geothermal energy is a big risk. But isn’t it a risk worth taking?

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