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Does the Design of Your Heating System Matter? –


Does design affect performance? This question comes into debate in engineering all the time, from car design to…your air conditioning. Does the design of your heating and cooling system really affect its performance? Can a poorly designed system increase your heating and cooling bills unnecessarily?


Well, yes. This article from HandyAmerican.com explains why.


Despite what you’ve heard, size matters. At least in terms of heating and air-conditioning size, because oversized and undersized systems just do not work properly.


Small systems will fail to properly heat or cool your home. It is that simple. Despite their best efforts, these undersized units will overwork themselves, increasing their wear and tear and shortening their useful lifespan.


Larger units, on the other hand, can experience a number of different problems.


If heating equipment, such as a forced air furnace, is too big it will work with sporadically timed cycles. When the temperature drops the unit will pump out heat at such a powerful rate, the cycle will be cut short prematurely and the unit will shut off. Them as the temperature falls below the setting again, the furnace will start up again. These cycles produce drastic and uncomfortable swings in the temperature of your home instead of the even heat most desire.


On the cooling side, air conditioning units that are too large will not have the necessary dehumidifying effect most homes need. Because the unit cools off the air quicker it does not have as much time to pass over the cooling coils, removing the humidity from the warm air. A properly sized unit will work at a steady pace that allows the air plenty of time to pass by the coils and become dehumidified, reducing the chance of mildew and providing a more comfortable atmosphere.


So how do you know what size system to purchase? In the end, talking to a professional heating and cooling service is the best way to determine which unit will work best for your home or business.


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