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Central Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

While central air conditioners do not require a ton of maintenance, they should be cleaned from time to time to ensure they are running up to their full potential. Many people neglect their units until it is too late. Occasional maintenance will make your central air conditioner last longer and operate better.

This article from eHow.com outlines several maintenance tips for your central air conditioner.

All central air conditioners are made up of two parts – the outside compressor and condenser, which releases the heat taken from the house to the outside so that the inside air can be cycled back through cooler, and the indoor thermostat, the motor that pushes the air through the house, and the evaporator, which removes moisture from the air so that it may be cooled more easily.

Now that you know the parts of your air conditioner, you can begin the cleaning process. But before doing any cleaning yourself, make sure to turn off all power to the air conditioner.

Outside, the compressor and condenser can be cleaned using a hose (the water should be directed down, so that it washes through the condenser coils and cleans them) and a light brush to get rid of the dirt. Inside, the condensate drain should be kept clear and the drainways should be checked for any signs of leaks. All vents and appliances should be kept clear of draperies, plants, and debris.

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