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Benefits of a Standby Generator

Hurricane Irene left many without power, some for upwards of six or seven days. Homeowners were forced to sit in their dark, powerless homes and simply wonder when power might be restored.

While a candle-lit dinner is nice from time to time, it is not something you want to be forced to endure for several days at a time. If only there were a better solution…

There is.

By installing a standby generator, you can be assured that you will not be left powerless in the wake of the next natural disaster to hit the Maryland area. Hospitals, emergency services and large corporations have been using back-up power for decades to keep functioning when disaster strikes. Don’t you deserve the same type of convenience and peace of mind in your home?

Without power to run your essential appliances, you can be assured that your food will spoil and, depending on the time of year, your pipes may even freeze and burst.

With a standby generator, you never have to worry about those inconveniences. As soon as the power goes out, your standby generator goes to work, providing a smooth transition with little interruption.

The price of a standby generator ranges from just under $2000 (for a 7kW model) to just under $11,000 (for a 45kW model).

So don’t be left in the dark. Have a standby generator installed in your home at your earliest convenience and be prepared for the next natural disaster to hit the area.

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