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Replacing a HVAC Air Filter :: HVAC Maintenance Tips & Tricks

While homeowners cannot and should not attempt many aspects of HVAC repair and maintenance, there are several small home repair and maintenance jobs that homeowners, like you, can undertake to better your systems efficiency and longevity. One of these simple household tasks is replacing your HVAC air filter.

Importance of replacing your Air Filters frequently

Some experts claim that indoor air is now even more polluted than outdoor air. Because of this, it is increasingly important to remove these contaminants – cat and dog hair, dander, pollen, household chemicals like paint fumes and hair spray particles, and dust or mold spores – from the air. An HVAC air filter is designed to this. A dirty air filter, however, cannot do this effectively.

How often should you replace your HVAC Air Filters?

The average home should have its HVAC filters replaced every three months. Families with pets, smokers, or allergies should replace their HVAC filter every 30-60 days.

How to Replace your HVAC Air Filter

  • Remove the HVAC Air Filter: First, turn off your HVAC unit. Then, remove the air filter. Most HVAC air filters are located where the main air duct connects to the unit.
  • Buy a New HVAC Air Filter: If you don’t know what size air filter you need, take your old HVAC air filter with you to the store.
  • Install a New HVAC Air Filter: Installation is as simple as removal. But make sure that the new filter is facing the right way (this is the most common mistake homeowners make). Once the filter is installed, you may turn your HVAC back on.

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      How to Replace a HVAC Air Filter

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