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New Furnaces will be More Expensive :: Baltimore, Maryland HVAC Contractor

Under new United States Department of Energy (DOE) rules, many homeowners will be limited in their options of furnaces. According to these new regulations, HVAC contractors will no longer be able to install furnaces unless they have a 90% efficiency or better. And, as you can imagine, these more efficient furnaces are also more expensive.

These DOE regulations go into effect May 1, 2013.

Not only do these high-efficiency furnaces cost more, but installation is also much more complicated. More-efficient furnace models typically vent out the side wall of a residence, requiring more in-depth and expensive installations. And when a furnace is located in an interior room, these installations become even more complicated and expensive.

Still, there are several benefits of High Efficiency Furnaces, including:

  • Utility Bills: Efficient furnaces are…well, they are more efficient, meaning they will save you money on your monthly utility bills. So, over time, these high efficiency furnaces will eventually pay for themselves.
  • Rebates: There are currently several rebates available when purchasing new high efficiency furnaces. However, these rebates may be lower next year.
  • Tax Incentives: There are also several tax incentives for homeowners who install high efficiency furnaces.
  • Selling your Home: Having a high efficiency furnace installed can be a great selling point if you are thinking about moving in the near future.
  • And much more!

So you have to make a decision: do you replace your standard efficiency furnace with another standard efficiency furnace before the DOE regulations go into effect or do you wait, opting to go with a high-efficiency furnace in the near future?

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