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Need a New Furnace? Better yet, how can you afford not to get a New Furnace

With heating season almost in full swing, the need for furnace maintenance is evident. Routine maintenance can not only keep your furnace running efficiently, but it can help identify small problems before they become major issues, requiring the complete replacement of your heating unit.

But when does replacement become a better option than routine maintenance and repair?

Furnaces have a shelf life, typically somewhere around 15 years. So if your furnace is getting up there in age and requires several hundreds of dollars in repairs, it may make more sense to just replace the unit with a new, higher efficiency furnace. Just take a look at the following scenario involving one homeowner in Brookfield, Wisconsin who quickly found that replacing his furnace made more sense than having it repaired.

With heating season on the horizon, Arnie Kemper decided to have his two furnaces inspected.

“We like to keep all the mechanicals in the house in top shape,” said Kemper.

It was quickly discovered that Kemper’s lower unit had a cracked heat exchanger, a serious issue that required $850 in repairs. But with the unit right around 15 years old, Kemper decided to forego the expensive repair, instead opting to replace his ageing unit with a new furnace.

Kemper’s second furnace, however, wasn’t in quite as bad shape. The furnace inspection found $400 worth of repairs. And initially, Kemper decided to have those repairs made. That was until the homeowner started doing the math.

Kemper’s new furnace cost about $3,000. But more than that, the furnace was eligible for $375 in rebates and was much more energy efficient than the older unit.

“How much longer is this other furnace going to last?” said Kemper, referring to his old furnace. “Three years? Then I start all over and go through this again.”

And, in the end, Kemper decided to forgo the repairs on his second furnace and replace that one, as well.

“I’m saving $400 for the installation of that new part, and nearly $400 for the rebate,” said Kemper. “That’s 25 percent of the cost of a new furnace.”

Is it time to replace your outdated furnace?

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