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Pre-Winter HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Maryland

Pre-Winter HVAC Maintenance Checklist

To ensure your HVAC system is ready for the rigors of another Maryland, preventive HVAC maintenance is a must, extending the lifespan of your system.

The temperature has noticeably dropped here in Maryland, signaling the unofficial end of summer. Officially, summer does not end until September 23rd. But school is back in session and those trips to Ocean City are all but a thing of the past. It’s time to start looking forward fall, even if you aren’t looking forward to fall. Winter is coming.

Before you know it, that white stuff will be falling from the sky and you will be running to your thermostat to turn on your heating system for the first time since early spring. What will you find? Will your heating system turn on without a hitch, or will you be met with bumps and bangs that could only mean one thing – HVAC issues. Even if your heating system turns on without a problem, that doesn’t mean it is performing at maximum efficiency or anywhere close to it.

To ensure your HVAC system is ready for the rigors of another Maryland, it is best to have your heating equipment inspected and serviced sometime during the fall.

Pre-Winter HVAC Maintenance Checklist

  1. Check Thermostat Settings: To ensure your heating system is still in working order, switch your thermostat to heat and set it to 75 degrees. If you feel warm air coming through your vents, your heating equipment is still working. Huzzah! If it takes more than a few minutes or more for the furnace to kick on, however, something might be wrong.
  2. Clean or Replace the Air Filter: While you should be doing this monthly, or at least every few months, it is important to change your air filter before heating season. Dirty filters are the most common cause for limited airflow and diminished HVAC efficiency.
  3. Check Register Circulation: To ensure your system is pumping heated air throughout your entire home, check each register (vent) for warm air. If you don’t feel any warm air, something may be wrong.
  4. Check Return Air Circulation: In order for your HVAC system to work properly, it needs to take in air. This is where return air vents come into play. These pull in air that your furnace then heats and recirculates throughout your home. To make sure air is returning to your furnace uninhibited, put your hand in front of the vent. You should feel a light pull.
  5. Schedule a Professional Inspection: Regular, preventive HVAC maintenance is the best way to extend the lifespan of your system and ensure it is running at peak efficiency. And this is a job for the professionals.

HVAC Maintenance in Maryland

Fresh Air Concepts offers several HVAC maintenance contracts geared towards extending the life of your equipment through meticulous inspections and annual maintenance.

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