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Improving Commercial HVAC Efficiency

Commercial HVAC Efficiency

Spring is the perfect time to address the energy efficiency of your commercial HVAC system.

Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) is a common staple in buildings that makes daily life far more bearable, particularly when the weather switches from mild days to either extreme cold or extreme heat.  You used it during this most brutal winter when temperatures dipped below tolerable levels.  In fact, you use it every day without realizing it just by leaving your thermostat on a prior setting.  However, the HVAC system is extremely resource-intensive, consuming about 40% of the electricity your building needs.  Commercial HVAC efficiency is a big issue, especially in places where older buildings are the standard over newer structures.

The Efficient Life

The best way to improve HVAC efficiency is to simply lighten the amount of work it needs to do to keep its building comfortable.  The HVAC works so hard because it needs to keep large spaces at constant temperatures that often differ from the outside measurements.  This is complicated even further when different rooms need different temperatures.  Since those temperatures don’t sit like blocks in their rooms but rather cycle through any gaps between rooms—even between the ceiling and floor—the HVAC is constantly at work.  Commercial HVAC efficiency can only do so much when the air keeps blending.  While it is impossible to completely prevent this, limiting the circulation between rooms and to the outside world is vital for efficiency and comfort.  In order to facilitate this, you should invest in maintenance for your building.  Checking for leaks in windows and outside doors will lead to retaining comfortable air within rooms and making the HVAC work less.  The best kind of windows for this process is Energy Star-qualified windows.  In addition, reducing heat sources in the rooms will remove excess heat and allow the cooling aspect of the system to work less.  Improving light systems to energy-efficient lighting is a great start, since high-output lights give off a lot of heat.  Choosing computers and printers that give off less heat will also contribute to this effort.


Caring for the HVAC system itself will also increase its efficiency.  This should be done by a professional who knows the systems well enough to diagnose common problems before dismantling anything.  They should be able to tell when a vent is blocked, for example.  A blocked vent means that the HVAC will use 25% more energy to move its air.  Cleaning the condenser systems and filters can reduce its cost of use, which may rise by more than a third simply from a lack of regular care.

Fresh Air Concepts offers commercial HVAC inspections, maintenance, and installation services throughout central Maryland. We also offer several maintenance contracts geared towards extending the life of your HVAC system through meticulous inspections and annual maintenance.

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