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What Does It Mean If My Furnace Is Making Weird Noises?

Furnace Weird NoisesNothing is scarier for a homeowner than the unknown. So when something goes bump in the night, you may find yourself scrambling for answers. What was that? What does it mean? And, most importantly, how do I fix it? So you do your best Sherlock Holmes impression and start digging.  You search high. You search Low. And you find that the mysterious noise is coming from your furnace.

What Does It Mean If My Furnace Is Making Weird Noises?

If your furnace is making weird noises there are a few possible causes:

  1. Whining Noise: This commonly points to a damaged blower motor. This can be handled one of two ways, depending on how bad the damage is. The motor can either be repaired or replaced. Another possible cause is a loose or fraying blower belt.
  2. Banging Noise: This noise can mean one of two things. 1) If you hear a loud bang when your furnace starts up, don’t panic. When your blower turns on and off, it can cause metal ducts to expand and contract, causing the loud banging noise. 2) This could be caused by excess gas build up that creates a mini-explosion every time the furnace is turned on. Over time, this can crack the heat exchanger.
  3. Scraping Noise: If you hear what sounds like metal rubbing together it could be a loose or broken part, most likely the blower wheel.

If you hear weird noises coming from your furnace, shut off the furnace right away to prevent further damage. Next, pick up the phone and call your local HVAC contractor to inspect your furnace and get to the bottom of those weird noises.

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