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Transfer Switch Services from your Maryland HVAC & Electrical Specialists

In its simplest form, a transfer switch – which most large-scale generators have – is a device that switches a building’s power supply from commercial power to generator power (and vice versa). These switches work in one of two ways:

Break before make: Commercial power is de-accessed prior to generator power
being accessed.

Make before break: Generator power is accessed prior to commercial power
being de-accessed.

In generators that serve large buildings, corporations, or businesses, transfer switches typically operate automatically. An onsite computer detects the signs of an impending power outage and triggers the generators into action.

Transfer Switch Maintenance

  • Maintaining a Proper Transfer Switch Environment: The first step in transfer switch maintenance is to keep the area around the switch as clean as possible. Signs of an improperly cared for transfer switch environment include: signs of water entering the room where the generator resides; evidence of oil leaking from the generator’s equipment; and evidence
    of sooting on and around the generator.
  • The Condition of the Transfer Switch: The following are warning signs that a switch needs to be immediately repaired or replaced: leaks coming from the gear; evidence that the gear is corroded; and damaged or missing labels that once attended the gear.
  • The Condition of Additional Equipment: Do not overlook the condition of control panels, batteries, padlocks, chargers, and other components,
    as well.

Proper Transfer Switch Maintenance is crucial in order to keep your business’ power supply up and running during a power outage. Without proper maintenance of your transfer switch, your company may be left in the dark when you need your backup generator the most.

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Transfer Switch Services Are Crucial Part of Emergency Power System Maintenance

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