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Tips to Help Reduce Allergens in your Home :: HVAC Cleaning & Maintenance

Believe it or not, removing allergens from your home begins and ends with the proper cleaning of your HVAC system and ductwork.

“Eliminating elements within a home that can cause allergic reactions is just about impossible, but reducing them is not,” says Ira Preuett, owner, Southern Air Heating & Cooling, a Shreveport-based HVAC contractor. “It’s just a matter of making sure your home’s heating and air conditioning system is well-equipped to continuously and effectively clean the air. Think of it this way – you wouldn’t want to be breathing your car or truck’s exhaust all day, would you? Then why settle for being surrounded by unhealthy air at home?”

Did you know that the air inside our homes could be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside? And when you consider that most people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, breathing an estimated 2,300 gallons of air every day, you can see why improving the indoor air quality of your home or business is a must! Asthma and allergy suffers are especially sensitive to the repeated exposure of these contaminants.

Professional HVAC Cleaning and Duct Cleaning from Fresh Air Concepts

Fresh Air Concepts uses patented UV (Ultra-violet) technology that allows us to destroy contaminants such as viruses, odors, mold and bacteria. We know how important indoor air quality is!

Fresh Air Concepts is committed to providing you with a healthy home environment!

If you are an allergy suffer, worried about the spread of viruses or concerned about mold and fungus which breeds in your humidifiers and cooling coils… we have the solution. Our air purification systems destroy everything from influenza, tuberculosis, mold, cooking and cigarette odors, and pet dander just to name a few. Our products are safe, economical, and best of all require no maintenance.

If you have any questions about HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance, please contact Fresh Air Concepts by calling 1-800-708-4FAC or click here today! We specialize in Heating, Air Conditioning, and Air Purification in both residential and commercial applications for the Maryland Area.

Fresh Air Concepts’ mission is simple… “To Be Your HVAC Contractor of Choice for All of Your Maryland Indoor Heating, Air Conditioning, and Air Purification Quality Needs”

Superior customer service is and always will be our #1 priority. Fresh Air Concepts promises to provide you with highly qualified and professional, heating, air Conditioning, and air purification technicians.  And remember, we are an award winning, factory authorized Carrier dealer!

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Advice to Home Owners on How to Reduce Allergens in Homes

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