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Natural Gas Heat Driven Pumps explained by your Baltimore HVAC Experts

In today’s environmentally conscious world, we are constantly striving for newer, better, and greener ways to perform simple tasks, like heating and cooling our homes. Unfortunately, many of these green initiatives are also incredibly expensive. And in today’s economy, that means that they are not feasible for the average homeowner. Well, natural gas driven heat pumps are not one of those expensive options. In fact, natural gas driven heat pumps are actually pretty affordable, which, combined with its many other benefits, makes these heat pumps an excellent option for your home.

The Benefits of Natural Gas Driven Heat Pumps

1. Natural Gas: Natural gas is readily available, it is economical, and it is environmentally friendly, with the lowest carbon content of any fossil fuel.

2. Environmentally Friendly: New advancements in emissions-control technology have led to cleaner emissions and lower criteria pollutants, which is a contributor to smog.

3. Energy Efficiency & the Carnot-Efficiency Benefit: Unlike traditional heating sources, heat pumps move heat from a cold reservoir to a warm reservoir through a standard Carnot cycle. And unlike traditional heating sources, the heat that can be moved using a heat pump is significantly more than the heat contained in the furl powering the machine. This leads to a much more energy efficiency heating source.

4. Economical: Between the natural efficiency of natural gas driven heat pumps and the potential federal investment tax credits and accelerated depreciation available for qualified CHP products, like natural-gas-engine-driven heat pumps, savings could add up quickly.

5. Maintenance: Natural gas driven heat pumps are also great when it comes to maintenance, with engine life reaching an upwards of 20,000 hours.

6. And More!

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