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Efficient Heating Systems: Saving you Money on your Monthly Heating Bills

As a homeowner, you are always looking for ways to cut costs without having to sacrifice comfort. And one of the best ways to accomplish this is to purchase an energy efficient heating system. But which systems are the most efficient? There are so many options to choose from and each has its own benefits and disadvantages.

Luckily, we at Fresh Air Concepts have broken it down for you to help you make a well-informed decision about the future of your home’s heating system.

So what are the four major types of heating systems?

1. Warm-Air Heating Systems: By using a furnace and any number of potential fuel sources, these systems use air to transfer heat from room to room. The cool air is heated in the furnace and then distributed throughout the home.

2. Hydronic Heating Systems: These heating systems heat water in a boiler or water heater and then circulate the heated water through a piping system or radiator.

3. Steam Heating Systems: When water is boiled it produces steam, which is used to heat emitting units like radiators and convectors located in various rooms throughout the home.

4. Electric Heating Systems: Electric heating systems may be cheaper than other systems, but often contain many more components, variables, and controls.

As you can see, heating systems come in many different forms, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The trick is finding a system that makes sense for you, your home, and your budget.

Still not sure what system makes the most sense? Fresh Air Concepts (FAC) can help! Maryland’s Residential HVAC contractor, FAC offers the installation, service, and maintenance of heat pumps, boilers, geothermal systems, gas furnaces, and much more!

If you have any questions about Efficient Heating Systems, please contact Fresh Air Concepts by calling 1-800-708-4FAC or click here today! We specialize in Heating, Air Conditioning, and Air Purification in both residential and commercial applications for the Maryland Area.

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More Efficient Heating Systems Means More Savings

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