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Radiant-Cooling Systems explained by a Baltimore HVAC Company

Businesses today are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, especially with the current state of the economy. And while many organizations accomplish this through layoffs and reduced spending, there is a better way.

The Answer: Radiant-Cooling Systems

Using a cooling tower, radiant cooling systems utilize the cool night air. The air is blown through the tower, cooling water, which is then moved through a plate-and-frame heat exchanger and circulated through cross-linked-polyethylene (PEX) tubing.

During the day, warmer building air is blown through narrow plenums below the slabs. The air is cooled and discharged through perforated grilles in a radiant ceiling

Benefits of Radiant-Cooling

  • Energy Efficient: Low energy consumption because fan use is minimized. Pumping water is far more efficient than blowing air.
  • Comfort: Increased comfort because radiant-cooling/chilled-beam systems circulate less air and do not create drafts or evaporative cooling on skin.
  • Quiet: Low noise because radiant-cooling/chilled-beam systems circulate less air than all-air systems, such as VAV systems.
  • Space: Reduced floor-to-floor building height and maximization of space because chilled ceilings/chilled beams do not require large ductwork and fans.
  • Cost Effective: Lower first cost and additional space savings because only one pipe can be used in an injection mixing/pumping system to serve multiple temperature requirements.

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