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What you need to know about Energy Management Systems

Energy efficiency is very much the hot topic of the year. Because of this, many homeowners and business owners are turning to energy management systems to help evaluate and better manage their energy consumption to help lower building operating costs.

Interesting Facts about Energy Management Systems

  • Renewable Energy: Have you ever thought about switching your business over to a renewable energy source, but have been hesitant because you do not know if it would be worth it? Energy management systems can provide business owners with estimates on the effects of renewable energy sources – such as solar, water, or wind – on daily, weekly, or monthly utility bills.
  • Interval Readings: Gathering and analyzing energy usage data is the best way to better manage your energy consumption. And interval reading is one of the best ways to accomplish this.
  • Energy Trends: Do you want to know the effects on your new energy management initiatives? Energy management systems allow users to review historical data and past energy usage statistics. Now you can compare your current data to past data!


i-Vu Controls: Energy Management from Carrier!

i-Vu controls offers total energy management of your Carrier system from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser. With i-Vu, it’s simple to accomplish all of the essential energy building management functions. View system status easily through dynamic equipment graphics and floor plans. Set and view schedules and energy setpoints using superb graphical controls. And, stay informed of important building conditions through i-Vu’s powerful trending and alarming.

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3 Interesting Facts About Energy Management Systems

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