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Spring and Summer Energy Efficiency Tips

 Spring Energy EfficiencySpring has sprung in Baltimore. Well, it is more like spring exploded. We have gone from snowstorms to 80 degree weather in what seems like a blink of the eye. Summer will be here before you know it. Are you ready? More importantly, is your home ready for the demands of cooling season?

Spring and Summer Energy Efficiency Tips to keep your Baltimore Home Cool

  1. Consistently adjusting the thermostat throughout the day can be very inefficient. Set it and forget it. You can, however, raise the thermostat a few degrees while you sleep or while you are at work to help save money. For every degree, you can expect to cut energy consumption by up to 3-5%.
  2. Replace your air filter every month. This will not only help improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), but also energy efficiency.
  3. Keep your blinds and shades closed during the day. This will help reduce radiant heat from the sun, keeping your home much cooler.
  4. If you can afford to, replace old, inefficient windows. If you can’t afford to (it’s rather expensive), a little caulking and some weather stripping can go a long way, sealing air leaks and making your home much more energy efficient.
  5. Make sure you have enough attic insulation. Why? During the summer, the temperature in Maryland is consistently in the 90s. That hot sun is continually beating down on your roof, heating up your attic. Without the proper amount of attic insulation, this heat will radiate through your roof and into your home. This will cause your air conditioner to work even harder to maintain your desired temperature.
  6. Have your HVAC system professionally inspected and serviced by a professional HVAC company. This will not only ensure your system is running at peak efficiency, but also help minimize costly breakdowns.

HVAC Maintenance from Fresh Air Concepts

Whether your air conditioner is new or old, lack of proper maintenance by a licensed and qualified HVAC contractor is one of the leading causes of malfunctioning equipment and high operation costs. Fresh Air Concepts offers several maintenance contracts geared towards extending the life of your AC through meticulous inspections and annual maintenance.

For more Spring and Summer Energy Efficiency Tips or to schedule your HVAC inspection and maintenance, please contact Fresh Air Concepts by calling 1-800-708-4FAC or click here today! Make sure to check us out on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ as well!

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