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Energy Efficiency Starts with HVAC Installation

Energy Efficiency HVAC InstallationNowadays, energy efficiency is the name of the game. At Fresh Air Concepts, we are constantly approached by homeowners who want to know how to make their HVAC equipment more efficient. The answer nine times out of ten is annual maintenance. Of course, there comes a time when HVAC equipment has run its course and it simply makes more sense to replace it. When this is the case, it is important to align yourself with the right HVAC company. While energy efficient equipment is a must, proper HVAC installation also plays a pivotal role.

Energy Efficiency Starts with HVAC Installation

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), HVAC equipment must be properly installed to reach its rated efficiency. In layman’s terms, if something doesn’t go smoothly during installation, your new energy efficient air conditioner or furnace may not be as efficient as you think. Common mistakes that impact efficiency include:

  1. Duct leakage
  2. Low indoor airflow
  3. Refrigerant undercharge or overcharge
  1. Oversized equipment
  2. Undersized ductwork

In order to achieve peak efficiency, you need to combine a top-notch product with a top-notch HVAC company.

Expert HVAC Installation throughout Maryland

Whether you are in need of a service, regular maintenance or replacing your existing system, Fresh Air Concepts is your complete HVAC Company. If a new heating and air conditioning system is what you need, Fresh Air Concepts can provide you with the knowledge and expertise to design a system unique to you…one that is within your budget and will maximize your energy savings. We offer the installation of the following heating and cooling products:

  1. Heat Pumps
  2. Boilers
  3. Furnaces / Fan Coils
  4. Air Conditioning
  5. Geothermal Systems
  6. Air Purification Systems
  7. Standby Generators

From our courteous and professional staff to our highly trained HVAC technicians, Fresh Air Concepts will strive to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Click Here to get started! Or call Fresh Air Concepts today to schedule your HVAC Installation.

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