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Managing Temperatures with Heating and Cooling Systems

The HVAC system in any building or home is the hub of air quality, movement, and temperature; it is a mechanism that has the capacity to heat and cool the interior of a structure that otherwise has no temperature control. Through direct contact with refrigerants and heat, air and water can be transformed into either a hot or cold gas or liquid, which is then pushed through ducts and tubes and expelled through outlets and vents, where it can disperse throughout the building.

Well-engineered ventilation patterns improve circulation, usher in fresh air, and keep the buildup of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and toxic gases in check. Well-designed HVAC systems will make use of energy savings techniques to improve the efficiency of the building or home it services.


Heat can be distributed through a structure either directly or with forced air. Direct systems act as their name suggests they would, by transferring heat directly to an area via a hydronic or electric radiant floor system, baseboards, or radiators. Forced air, on the other hand, heats air in a furnace with either gas or electricity, and again, appropriately force it throughout the building with one or more fans. This method requires the “return” of cold air to the furnace, usually through a vent on the floor that collects the sinking cooler air after it disperses from the vent circulating hot air


Most air conditioning units function with the help of a compressor and condenser that cycle cooled refrigerant through what is deemed the “air handler,” a box in the building’s ventilation system that makes use of the fan in the furnace to force cooled air through the duct work to vents. In the case of a hydronic or electric direct-heat system, where no ductwork exists, either a ventilation system is installed or a specialized “mini-duct” or “mini-split” ductless air conditioner. From there, high-pressure fans or the refrigerant itself run to an air handler with a fan in each of the rooms to be cooled, effectively managing the temperature of a building.

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How Does a HVAC System Work?

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