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Carrier’s i-Vu System is Saving Tons of Money

Building automation is one of the best ways to save money, and if you have a large facility, those savings could be even better. One of the top automation control systems on the market right now is the Carrier i-Vu system. Its advanced controls and technology work together seamlessly to lower energy bills.carrier-i-vu-automated-system

How does the i-Vu system work?

It allows control over the entire building’s air system through the web, so you can monitor your facility’s heat and cooling use anywhere. It can also create schedules, alarms, reports and more related to your building automation system for optimal efficiency and performance. Viewing and control are available through any browser, including tablets and phones.

How does it save money?

This is the important part! You may already know that zoning systems and having sophisticated temperature control in any facility saves money by being more efficient. This applies to the Carrier i-Vu system, but it’s taken a step further in with its highly interactive features.

Scheduling and reports enhance the efficiency of your system by setting automatic adjustments or shut-offs as a routine. For instance, you can schedule the building’s global temperature to drop/increase by 10 degrees or more when it’s unoccupied, and to return to normal settings when it will be occupied. With large buildings, just a 10-degree allowance can save a lot of money.

But that’s just one example. Any facility or building can make use of the unique, customized features to find what works best for them. No matter the building’s use, it can benefit from energy savings through the i-Vu building automation system.

Carrier i-Vu building automation in Baltimore, MD

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